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Check your heart’s health through a painless and quick test.

An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a common and painless test that records the electrical signals within the heart. It is a quick and easy way to detect heart problems while monitoring the overall heart's health.

An electrocardiogram is done in our health care facility rooms by one of our medical professionals.

What does an EKG detect?

  • Irregularities in the heart’s rhythm (arrhythmias).

  • Blocked or narrowed arteries (commonly seen in coronary artery disease) that are causing chest pain or a heart attack.

  • Whether you have had a previous heart attack.

  • How well certain heart disease treatments, such as a pacemaker, are working.


What can I expect from an electrocardiogram (EKG)?


You will be asked to change to a hospital gown and lay down. We might need to shave the chest  area if needed.



12 sensors (electrodes) will be attached to the chest and limbs to record your heart’s electrical signals.



Our health care professional will discuss results with at your next appointment and indicate next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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